Mobile overlaying of virtual and real world.

jipAR is an amazingly easy to use Augmented Reality system for the iPad.
The integrated camera allows the direct overlay of the real object with the virtual 3D data including all process parameters. With jipAR we provide a low-price alternative to the AR scenarios on the marktet which are often very expensive and complicated to handle.
A simple marker system which is reliably identified even in poor lighting conditions guarantees the precise match between virtual and real world. jipAR is connected to all the other modules of jipSystem and combines measuring, sectioning and checking with the innovative AR technology. Thus, you flexibly integrate the system in your processes.

Your benefit: You avoid expensive hardware and complex setup.

| Facts in brief

jipAR overlay

Take advantage of the multi-marker system for accurate overlay!

  • Good visibility of the marker even in low light conditions
  • Comfortable auto tracking: Detect and overlaying of real and virtual markers and continuous updating of the overlay in real time
jipAR combination jipCheck

Benefit from the combination jipAR / jipCheck!

  • Use all available check functions also in the AR environment
  • Complete error documentation and check features on running overlay
jiipAR marker system

Position markers quickly and easily in the real and the virtual world!

  • Wether on metall or on a sensitive paint finish: flat, magnetic, needle or suction cup markers in the appropriate size allow a residue-free positioning on every carrier material. Choose the right adapter for your specific application!
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jipAR marker system

  • In the 3D model, you reference analogously with the respective markers. The integrated marker library and a comfortable editing tool promise an easy handling.

in use

Assembly support

Support for assembly

Where millions of components are mounted, like in the aircraft industry, it is not easy to keep the overview. Here, jipAR as mobile assembly support provides valuable information directly on the object. The mechanic gets exact information about assembly details embedded in the complete context. All neccessary information is managed by the system and can be accessed in different levels of detail.
Final inspection

Final inspection

The "out-of-the-box" system jipAR allows simple and fast inspection on site in the production hall. Mistakes are immediatly visible by the direct overlay of actual and target state. By integration in the complete system check features like error descriptions can directly be located in the 3D data. Thus they can comfortably be exported and integrated in protocols.
Design studies

Design studies

In the design process a continuous comparison between draft and real implementation is indispensable. The overlay of 3D data and clay model offers unknown opportunities. On the one hand you can use jipAR as orientation while creating the model. On the other hand you can use jipAR to check quickly and comfortably the implementation of drafts in the real world. Deviations from design lines can directly be identifed and corrected within the process.